Free Fire Truck SVG Files

Fire Truck SVG is an operational vehicle based on the vehicle chassis, equipped with fire and technical weapons, equipment used in fire and rescue operations.

The color schemes of fire trucks provide for the red color of the hull. White color is set for identification marks and contrasting elements. The undercarriage of the cars is painted black. At certain places a short designation of the type of fire truck (AC, PNS, etc.), the number of the fire department and the name of the locality in which it is located, the characteristics of the fire truck, depending on its purpose. The inscriptions on the surfaces painted in the primary colour should be in contrasting colour, and on the surfaces painted in contrasting colour – in the primary colour. It is not allowed to put inscriptions, drawings and emblems of advertising content on external surfaces. Elbows of fire-fighting ladders, car-lifts and foam lifters shall be painted white or silver, and the protruding and moving parts of these vehicles that pose a danger to the operating personnel shall be painted with alternating red and white stripes.