Free Fighter SVG Files

A Fighter SVG is a military aircraft designed primarily to destroy enemy air targets.

Used to gain air superiority over the enemy, as well as to escort bombers, transport planes, civil aircraft, the protection of ground objects from enemy aircraft. Fewer fighters are used to attack land and sea targets.

Despite its aggressive name, a Fighter SVG jet is a defensive type of weapon, but it does not have a separate offensive value. However, at present, with the increase in the thrust-to-weight ratio of these vehicles (and, consequently, the higher payload, i.e., the missile-bomb load), they have been able to effectively attack ground targets, and, in the conditions of modern local conflicts, fighters can be used to engage ground (surface) targets.

According to some assumptions, in the future, the role of fighters will be taken over by unmanned aerial vehicles, the development of which is in progress, and they are already successfully used to destroy point targets on the ground. This will reduce the loss of flight personnel, simplify, lighten and reduce the cost of airplanes, and eliminate the restrictions on overload imposed by the limits of the human body.