Free Ferret SVG Files

The Ferret SVG is a predatory mammal, belonging to the cunya family, ferret and weasel family (lat. Mustela), a subgenus of Putorius.

Ferret SVG – description, characteristic, structure. How does a ferret look like?

The body of ferrets, like most cunae, is elongated, flexible and very stocky, due to disproportionately short legs. The ferret’s extremities are very strong and muscular, making it easy for animals to jump and swim. The toes end with long, strong claws that allow ferrets to climb trees and dig deep holes.

The average body length of adult males is about 50 cm, the females are always smaller and grow up to 40 cm long. Weight of ferrets, depending on the species, ranges from 300 g to 2 kg.

The Ferret SVG has a long, flexible neck, a neat, oval-shaped head and a slightly blunted face. Ferrets are especially proud of their fluffy tail, which grows up to 13-18 cm long.

The ferret’s fur usually consists of a thick, soft undercoat and pinnacle hair, which is usually lighter at the base and darker at the end. After autumn moulting, the ferret’s wool becomes a characteristic shine and becomes especially beautiful. The color of the fur depends on the species and can range from light sand to almost black or completely white in albino ferrets.

Near the tail of the ferret there are special glands that emit a specific secret, which has a sharp, caustic smell and is used by animals to scare away enemies. Of all the senses, the ferret has an excellent sense of smell, and the animals rely on it for hunting.

The Ferret SVG has a total of 28-30 teeth: 12-14 incisors, 12 falsely rooted teeth, premolars, and a pair of fangs on each jaw.

Life expectancy of ferrets in the wild is about 3-4 years, in captivity ferrets live up to 5-7 years.