Free Farmers SVG Files

The farmer is an entrepreneur, owns or rents the land, and is engaged in agriculture. There are also Farmers SVG engaged in forestry, including in Russia.

Unlike a peasant in the narrow sense of the word (in a traditional society), a farmer is guided by market demand and runs a fully commercial farm.

Farmers SVG History

In the countries where colonization or seizure of free land from the indigenous population took place (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), the farms of farmers received the earliest and most complete development.

Farmers’ farms were established in the UK earlier than in other Western European countries, becoming the predominant form of production in agriculture. These farms were established mainly on rented land, as the peasant land property was completely liquidated in the XVII century as a result of fencing.

Due to the capitalist competition, there was a tendency to enlarge the farms of farmers.