Free Family SVG Files

Family SVG is a social institution, the basic unit of society, characterized, in particular, by the following features:

By the voluntary nature of the marriage.

Family members are connected by a community of life;

By getting married;

The desire for birth, socialization and parenting.

The Family SVG belongs to the most important social values. According to some scientific theories, it is the form of the family that has been able to determine the general direction of evolution of macrosocial systems for many centuries. Every member of society, in addition to his or her social status, ethnicity, property and material status, has the characteristic of marital status from birth until the end of his or her life.

At the stages of a person’s life cycle, his or her functions and status in the family gradually change. For an adult, the family is a source of satisfaction for a number of his needs and a small group of people who have diverse and complex requirements. For a child, the family is the environment in which the child’s physical, mental, emotional and intellectual development takes place.

The content of the concept of “family” is being transformed following the social and cultural change in society. A family may also include a parent/parent or one parent with at least one child, as well as same-sex unions legalized in a number of countries.