Free Fall SVG Files

Fall SVG is one of the four seasons between summer and winter. Fall SVG is a transition season when the daylight hours are decreasing and the ambient temperature is gradually decreasing.

In Fall, the warm weather changes to cold and the main harvest takes place. These images dominate in the artistic and literary works dedicated to Fall. In western Fall cultures, it is usually personified as a pretty full lady in fruit, vegetable and cereal jewellery that ripen by that time. Many ancient civilizations celebrated the harvest in Fall, often one of the most important holidays in their calendars. The echo of those times is Thanksgiving in the United States and the Jewish Sukkot, rooted in the full moon harvest festival. There are also many similar holidays for North American Indians, the Chinese Moonlit Holiday and many other similar holidays. In addition to gratitude for the gifts of the earth, there is a certain kind of sadness associated with the coming harsh times.

Despite the fact that the color changes of leaves are observed everywhere where there are deciduous trees, this phenomenon is considered the most beautiful in two regions of the world: in most parts of Canada and the United States, as well as in East Asia, including the Far East of Russia, China, Korea and Japan.

Eastern Canada and New England are most famous for their bright Fall SVG leaf flowers, which attracts a large number of tourists to these regions.