Free Falcons SVG Files

The ancient Egyptians considered Falcons SVG to be the god Glee Club, the patron saint of the pharaohs. In Inca culture, this bird symbolized the sun. Slavic folklore abounds with references to it as a symbol of courage and honor. The Turks have the soul of a master who cannot be sold or lost. Even one of the legends says that the invincible power of Tokhtamysh Khan was hidden in his two falcons. In the article we will get acquainted closer with this interesting bird and learn its peculiarities.

Description of Falcons SVG

It’s the planet’s main winged bird. The falcon is able to move in the air at a speed of up to 320 kilometers per hour. A sharp and strong hunter, able to see the victim from a mile away. The bird’s name in Latin sounds like “falco”, comes from the word “falx”, which means “sickle”. Indeed, if you look at the falcon in flight, you will find that the wings resemble a sickle.

Appearance of Falcons SVG

The falcon has a powerful body with strong and wide wings. Wide breasts and strong limbs. The beak has an interesting structure: short, like a hook with a sharp tooth at the top. It allows you to fracture the spine of small birds. The area around the eyes is fringed with a neoprene ring. Massive wings. A long, rounded tail. Adults are different from young fly feathers. Young falcons have all feathers short and flywheeled and they widely open them in flight. Adults have only the second flywheel, but it is the longest.

The color is mostly motley, brown or dark grey. The triangle pattern on the plumage is expressed in darker shades. Could be white inclusions. The belly and part of the chest are light yellow, intersected by darker stripes. Black spots on the fly feathers. A head with a black hat. The feathers are hard, tightly pressed against the body. So, they do not interfere with the bird during the flight, but on the contrary help to develop additional speed. There are practically white individuals, for example, among the northern gyrfalcons. There are very dark, almost black peregrine falcons.