Free Falcon SVG Files

Falcon SVG is a daytime bird of prey from the Falconidae group, and the Falconidae family.

Gyrfalcons were originally called falcons in Russia. The origin of the word is interpreted differently. According to the version of I. G. Lebedev and V. M. Konstantinov, it originated from the Praslavonic combination of so-kol: “so”: in the sense of “how, like”, “kol” – “the sun, the circle”, which generally translates “as the sun, the sun-like”. And indeed, many European and other peoples of the world connected this bird with the sun god. The word gyrfalcon derives from the sound-imitating Praslavonic “gyrfalcon”, which means “crack, shout, shout”.

Real Falcon SVG are the most perfect predators among birds. The size of the species is very different. Crowns and kestrels have a body length of 23-35 cm and a weight of 100 to 250 g. Gyrfalcons grow up to 60 cm and weigh up to 2 kg on average. Males are smaller than females. Bluish, red, brown and black and blue tones are more common in the coloring of falcons. The abdominal side of the body is usually motley.

Falcons SVG can be easily distinguished by their characteristic vertical planting with a “column” and long pointed wings. Wings of birds of prey are much larger than the tail size. Their shape and length contribute to the development of considerable speed in diving flight and agile maneuvering during vertical movement in the air.

The fastest flight among birds is that of a falconer. Dive into prey from above, this falcon reaches a maximum speed of 322 km/h.

The tail of the falcon is cross-striped. It is somewhat rounded at the end and has an impressive length.

The head of the bird is large relative to the body and rounded. On its sides there are black “mustache”, expressed in different degrees. The beak of the genus is short, with a sharp hook at the end, very strong. A systematic sign of falcons is the pronounced teeth along the cutting edge of the inclusions and recesses on the opposite side – the socket. They form a formidable weapon as they bend together.

Around the eyes of the Falcon SVG is a naked ring without feathers. Bird’s eyes are round with dark irises.

Real falcons have long legs with big legs, elongated toes and strong sharp claws. The lower (plus) part of the chain is mesh.