Free Faith SVG Files

Faith SVG – recognition of something true regardless of the actual or logical reasoning, mainly due to the nature of the subject’s attitude to the subject of faith. Distinctive feature of the knowledge realized in belief is adherence to principles of dialogicality according to which the subject of belief actively correlates self-revealing object of belief to itself. In this sense, religious faith differs from philosophical or scientific knowledge not by the fact that it is not fully reasoned or confident in its subject matter, but by the way of obtaining and substantiating its knowledge.

Religious faith has as its peculiarity the belief in reality and substance of the supernatural; the object of faith of a religious individual is objectified, a person is convinced that the object of his faith is not the thought or concept of God, but God Himself – the supernatural as really existing.

In a number of religious systems, in particular in Christianity, the faith takes a central position in the worldview. In general, there is a great variety of assessments of the impact of faith on human life and society.

Faith SVG is conditioned by the peculiarities of human psyche. Unequivocally accepted information, texts, phenomena, events or one’s own ideas and inferences can later serve as a basis for self-identification and determine some of the actions, judgments, norms of behavior and relations.