Free Espresso SVG Files

Espresso SVG (from Italian espresso) is a method of coffee preparation by passing hot water (about 90°C) at a pressure of 9 bar through a filter with ground coffee.

Espresso is very popular all over the world and especially in the south of Europe – in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Espresso SVG preparation

From 8 to 22 grams of freshly ground coffee is filled in the holder, carefully leveled and then pressed with a tempera so that the ground coffee is formed into a flat tablet. The resulting tablet is then pressed through at a pressure of 9 bar to allow the water to be heated to a temperature of 92-95 °C. The Espresso SVG grinding fineness is set in such a way that the 30 ml espresso is extracted in 25-30 seconds, after 1.5-2.5 seconds of pre-infusion. The ratio of correct grinding, correct tempering (pressing the ground coffee in the holder by creating a force of 15-20 kg), correct water temperature and stability, as well as the correct amount of ground coffee (about 8-12 or 18-22 grams, single or double holder, respectively) is the key to correct preparation. Even a slight change in any of these aspects will spoil the final product. Visually correctness of preparation is determined by the color of the foam (Italian crema) and by the bending in the first seconds of the stream of coffee (the so-called “mouse ponytail”).

Classic espresso usually has a volume of 25-35 ml and is served in a 60-70 ml demitasse or a special espresso cup. Double espresso, made of 18-22 grams of coffee, has a volume of 60 ml.

Another variant of classic espresso preparation is possible with the help of a coffee machine or a coffee machine supporting E.S.E. technology. The machine is fitted with pendants or coffee capsules – ready-made packaging for one drink.