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Engagement SVG is the moment when young people officially announce their desire to get married.

If earlier Engagement SVG was treated as a rite of passage before engagement, nowadays engagement is considered to be an application to the civil register office. And yet, its importance should not be diminished. This pre-wedding stage is necessary for young people to get used to the idea of a future life together, the responsibilities that they will have with the acquisition of marital status. Engagement is exactly what you need to understand if this is the person next to you who will be babysitting your grandchildren in years to come, occupying half the bed in your bedroom and, if necessary, counting your pension with you. Young people have at least a month to think about it while the application is still in the registry office. Unfortunately, many couples don’t use this period to do this. They believe that applying makes them even more confident in their decision to be bound by marriage.

If you want to get engaged in a traditional way, remember that the main thing is to give the bride a ring. An engagement ring is usually golden and is decorated with precious stones. When a girl becomes a wife, she can also wear the ring. Above the engagement ring.

A mandatory rule of engagement is to inform your parents about it. It is best if the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents meet at the same time to discuss the wedding. In addition, if you want to observe all the traditions of engagement, the beloved’s hands will have to ask her father.

Spend the Engagement SVG as a family celebration. Lunch, dinner or tea in the home environment will do without serious financial expenses, will not take much time but will be remembered by all guests. Or to arrange a “cocktail”, which does not require much time for cooking and table serving. But parents of young people will have a reason to get to know each other better and have a good time.