Free Elf SVG Files

Elves SVG are magical people in German-Scandinavian and Celtic folklore. They are also known as alvae.

Descriptions of Elves SVG in different mythologies differ, but as a rule, they are beautiful, light creatures, spirits of the forest. They are permanent characters of fantastic and fantastic literature, especially fantasy, along with dwarves, goblins and trolls.

There is a widespread belief that elves and fairies are the same thing, but they can be the same or different creatures. Despite the frequent similarity of the description, the traditional Celtic “elves” – sidhe, for example, could be depicted as winged, unlike fairies, which in Celtic sagas are not much different from ordinary people. In English the word fairy was borrowed in the XII-XV centuries from the old French “faerie” (modern spelling – feerie, fee), covering everything that somehow related to the residence and activities of mythological “little people” (faie; later – fee). The source of the French term is the Latin fata (the guardian spirit; hence the Italian fata, the Spanish hada). Fata, used in the feminine gender in the languages of the Romanesque group, was originally a plural middle-range noun (“fates”) and derived from fatum (“predicted”; “prophetic”). In England, it was the idea of “elves” that was the ancestral one, while “fairies” from the North French folklore of Normandy came here only after William’s conquest.

In Scandinavian mythology there were two types of alves: upper (light) and lower (dark, or svartal), the latter being given much more attention in the Eddas. These are creatures who live underground and have swarthy skin. They have repeatedly created magical things for the gods. In late folklore this image merged with the dwarves.

William Shakespeare’s Elves SVG are small airy winged creatures, reminiscent not of English folklore elves, but rather of small and winged little pixies. This was jokingly emphasized by Tolkin, who considered his reflection of mythical races to be more appropriate to German, Celtic and European folklore in general.