Free Elephant SVG Files

Elephant SVG is the largest terrestrial animal of the mammal class, such as chord, trunk and elephant families.

Elephant SVG – description, characteristics.

Elephants are giants among animals. The elephant’s height is 2-4 m. The weight of the elephant is from 3 to 7 tons. Elephants in Africa, especially savannahs, often weigh up to 10-12 tons. The mighty body of an elephant is covered with thick (up to 2, 5 cm) brown or grey skin with deep wrinkles. Elephant cubs are born with rare bristles, adults are practically devoid of vegetation.

The head of the animal is large enough with remarkable size of ears. Elephant ears have a sufficiently large surface area, they are thick at the base with thin edges, are usually a good regulator of heat exchange. The ear wrap allows the animal to increase its cooling effect. An elephant’s leg has two kneecaps. This structure makes an elephant the only mammal that can’t jump. In the center of the foot is a fat cushion that springs at every step, allowing these powerful animals to move almost silently.

The elephant’s trunk is an amazing and unique organ formed by the conjoined nose and upper lip. Tendons and over 100,000 muscles make him strong and flexible. The trunk performs a number of important functions while providing the animal with breath, smell, touch and grip. The trunk protects elephants, watering themselves, eating, communicating and even raising offspring. Another “attribute” of appearance is the elephant tusks. They grow throughout life: the more powerful the tusks are, the older their owner.

The elephant’s tail is about the same length as the hind legs. The tip of the tail is framed by hard hair that helps keep the insects away. The elephant’s voice is specific. The sounds made by an adult animal are called boars, mooing, whispering and roaring elephants. The life expectancy of an elephant is about 70 years.

Elephants SVG know how to swim very well and like water procedures, and their average speed of movement on land reaches 3-6 km/h. When running for short distances, the bishop’s speed sometimes increases to 50 km/h.