Free Easter SVG Files

The Passover, the Resurrection of Christ, and the Bright Resurrection of Christ are the oldest and most important Christian feasts.

Established in honor of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is the center of all biblical history and the basis of all Christian teaching. In Orthodoxy, the status of Easter SVG as the main holiday reflects the words “holidays holiday and the celebration of celebrations.

Currently, the date of Easter SVG in each particular year is calculated on the lunar-solar calendar, which makes Easter a transitory holiday.

The Hebrew word Pesach means Jewish Easter. It is connected with the word passages (Hebrew – passed, passed by), which reminds that the Almighty passed through Jewish houses, destroying the first-born of Egypt (sometimes the name of the holiday is interpreted as “passed, bypassed”):

The Aramaic name of the feast, which sounds like a piska, was included in the Greek language, then passed to the Latin language and later spread in the languages of Europe: pâques (French), pascuas (Spanish), Easter (Russian), and so on.

The Old Testament Easter was celebrated in memory of the exodus of the Jewish people from the Egyptian captivity, although the custom of celebrating Easter appeared in the epoch before the exodus and was originally associated with cattle breeding, and later with agriculture.

The name of the feast has acquired a different interpretation for Christians – “the transition from death to life, from earth to heaven”. Just as God freed the Jews from Egyptian slavery, so the Christian was freed from the bondage of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and thus the Old Testament Easter became the prototype of the Christian Easter.

The church celebration of Easter lasts 40 days in Orthodoxy and 50 days in Western Christianity.