Free Eagle SVG Files

Eagle SVG le is a bird of prey and belongs to the bird class, the falcon-like group, the hawk family, the eagle subfamily and the eagle family (Latin: Aquila).

Eagle SVG description, size, appearance and characteristics

The majority of Eagle SVG species are distinguished by their impressive size, the body length of some individuals reaches 80-95 cm, and the female eagle is much larger than the male. The weight of the eagle may be 3-7 kg. The exception is the small species: dwarf eagle and steppe eagle.

Representatives of the genus are distinguished by a massive body with developed muscles and quite long, strong legs, feathered to the fingers.  The head of the eagle is compact, the neck is strong and muscular. The mobility of large eyeballs is insignificant, but the perfectly developed neck more than compensates this deficiency.

Impressive claws and a strong eagle beak have curved ends, which makes the bird an unsurpassed predator.

The eagle’s beak and claws tend to grow throughout their lives, but the bird heals them in the course of their lives.

The eagle’s long, wide wings reach 2.5 metres in scope, allowing the predator to soar over 700 metres above the ground for a long time.

The tail of the Eagle SVG is shortened and narrow, some species have a wedge-shaped fan.

African crested and combed eagles have a “decoration” in the form of a bunch of long feathers crowning the head.

Nature has endowed the eagle with extremely sharp eyesight, so that the predator looks for small prey (lizards, snakes, mice) from a huge height. For example, an eagle eagle eagle sees a hare at a distance of up to 2 km. With the help of peripheral vision the eagle can see the area up to 12 square kilometers.

Hearing is used mainly for communication, but the eagle’s sense of smell is poorly developed.

Depending on the species, the color of the eagle’s plumage may be monochrome with pestrings or contrasting. For example, the color of golden eagle with golden feathers on the back of the head, which is why the English name of the bird is listed as a “golden eagle” (Golden Eagle).

The eagle’s flight is particularly maneuverable with powerful and deep wingspans. The eagle is a bird that, even with strong gusts of wind, can easily cope with the air flow and, having noticed the potential prey, is able to dive at a speed of up to 320 km / h.

The eagle’s lifespan is about 30 years, and especially large species live up to 40-50 years.