Free Duck SVG Files

Duck SVG (Latin name Anatidae) according to the classification refers to the class of birds, a group of goose-shaped, duck family and the genus of waterfowl.

Types of Ducks SVG.

Ducks SVG can be divided into two main groups: wild and domestic. In turn, wild ducks are divided into diving ducks that feed on the bottom of water bodies and river ducks that feed on shallow waters. It is believed that domestic ducks had one common ancestor, the mallard.

The whole variety of human-bred duck breeds can be divided into four classes: meat, meat-owning, egg and decorative. The weight of the spleen of the meat breed can reach four kilograms, and the average egg-laying rate of egg class ducks exceeds 250 eggs per year.

Where do ducks live?

The distribution of duck eggs is very wide. They are not found only in the harsh conditions of Antarctica. The main condition for the existence of wild ducks is the presence of a reservoir, as it is a source of food for these birds.

In addition, coastal vegetation (shrubs, reedbeds, wind-fallen trees, etc.), which hides from strangers’ eyes the nest with masonry, is an indispensable factor. It is easier to live with poultry representatives where they have created the conditions for them.