Free Dress SVG Files

Dress SVG – The float is a piece of women’s wardrobe, with long enough floors to cover the body and upper legs.

Dress SVG History

Since ancient times, a man has sought to cover up his nudity out of shame and practical considerations. Making a dress was mainly the prerogative of women, who by their work actively participated in the development of the dress form.

The dress has developed from ancient cloaks and capes as result of evolution of a cut, improvement of materials and increase in a variety of clothes.

Sexuality has a significant influence on fashion and cut of dresses, as well as on their perception by a person at the subconscious level. When modeling the costume the peculiarities of the figure are taken into account, the alternation of closed and open parts of the body is traced. To a large extent, culture and customs determine the measure of shame. According to legend, ancient Indian law promised the death of those who dared to wear a dress of the other sex.

The oldest Dress SVG known today, 5000 years old, was found in the Egyptian city of Tarkhan in 1913.