Free Drawing SVG Files

Drawing SVG – a structural basis of visually perceived form. In this sense, it is close to the concept of sketches, contours and essays. Piero della Francesca, an artist of the early Italian Renaissance, wrote in his Treatise on the Pictorial Perspective (c. 1482): “Under the drawing, we understand the profiles and shapes that lie in things,” but the drawing is not only a “shape”, but also a representation of the construction of the object in its three-dimensional qualities. Drawing as a structural image of the observed object is formed in the consciousness of the person who draws even before the beginning of the visual process, and therefore it has a rational, intellectual beginning. Drawing in the fine arts is a structural basis of graphic, pictorial, sculptural and architectural forms. Drawing also represents a separate kind of fine art, a kind of graphics. Its history goes back to ancient times.

Academic Drawing SVG is a drawing carried out within the framework of the classical approach to the teaching of fine arts, with the use of methodically based methods and techniques of three-dimensional forms on the plane, on the basis of conscious attitude to the structure of the visual process, understanding the structural features of the object, carried out to solve certain linear-constructive, light-and-shadow, tonal, compositional and other educational tasks. Academic drawing is conducted in stages, with strict compliance with the requirements of knowledge of form, the ability to represent the volume, tone ratio, and most importantly, it conveys the overall integrity of the perception of the work.