Free Drama SVG Files

Drama SVG (δρᾶμα “act, action”) – literary (dramatic), stage and film genre. It became especially popular in the literature of the XVIII-XXI centuries, gradually replacing another genre of drama – tragedy, contrasting it mainly with the domestic plot and a style closer to everyday reality. With the advent of cinematography has also moved into this form of art, becoming one of the most common genres of its genres.

Unlike lyrics and like an epoch, the Drama SVG reproduces first of all the outer world – the relationship between people, their actions, arising conflicts. Unlike the epos, it has not a narrative but a dialogical form. The aesthetic subject of the drama is emotional and volitional reactions of a person, manifested in verbal and physical actions. Dramatic works are characterized by acutely conflicting situations, powerfully prompting the character to verbal and physical action. As a rule, dramas specifically depict a person’s private life and social conflicts. At the same time, the emphasis is often placed on universal contradictions embodied in the behavior and actions of specific characters.