Free Dragonfly SVG Files

Dragonfly SVG is an arthropodous six-legged insect, classified as a winged insect, a group of dragonflies (lat. Odonata).

The Russian name of the insect was formed as a result of the confluence of two Old Slavonic words: the noun “ichosa” (fidget) and the verb “stretch” (jump or jump), a name that fully corresponds to the nature of the flight of these fast and bright creatures.

The insect abdomen is elongated and thin, rounded, and some species of dragonflies may have flat and wide. It is composed of 11 segments, consisting of two parts: thornite (upper half ring) and sternite (lower half segment).

Male males on top of the abdomen have “forceps” that hold the female by the neck during mating.

The dragonfly’s head is connected to the chest, which allows it to rotate around its axis by 1800.

The dragonfly’s eyes, which occupy most of her head, consist of more than 30,000 small eyes (facets). And each miniature eye is able to work independently of others.

The upper part of the facets is designed to recognize the shape of the object, and the lower part – its color.

In addition to the two complex eyes, dragonflies on the vertex have 3 simple eyes, which are arranged as a triangle. Thanks to the ability to see the surroundings not only in front, but also behind them and on the sides, dragonflies are able to see the victim from a distance of up to 8 meters.

The dragonfly’s mouth is armed with serrated jaws, because they’re ravenous predators.

The chest has a typical structure for all insects and consists of a prothoraxis with a pair of extremities and congregate middle- and back-chest, on which the legs are located.

The color of Dragonfly SVG is transparent, as well as green, yellow, blue or blue. Some species have patterns in the form of spots or darkening on the body or wings.

Dragonflies have 2 pairs of wings. The wings of dragonflies may be the same or different in size depending on the species. Their maximum range is 18 cm. The wings consist of two thin layers of chitin and are permeated by a complex system of veins. Each of them has a special thickening at the top, eliminating the appearance of vibration during the flight.

During the flight dragonflies use 2 pairs of wings, and each wing can move independently of each other, which gives them the opportunity to maneuver freely in the air. The maximum speed of the Dragonfly SVG is 57 km/h, and the average speed exceeds 30 km/h.