Free Donut SVG Files

Donut SVG – fried in butter, usually a sweet pie with a hole in the middle or without it. Some doughnuts are stuffed with jam, jam, jam, etc.

A Donut SVG (in the narrow sense of the word) is a doughnut without a filling with a hole in the middle. The hole is designed to allow the doughnut extracted from the hot oil to be threaded onto a rod, from which the product is then placed in a fist or on a plate to the customer.

Local varieties of doughnuts include fried pampushka (Ukrainian), baursaq (Turkic), kabarthma (Bulgarian), lukumades (Greek-Turkish), “nun gases” (French), Berliner (German), smultring (Norwegian), and souffania (Israeli).

Every first Friday of June in the USA since 1938 the National Day of Donut SVG is celebrated.