Free Dolphin SVG Files

Dolphin SVG is a representative of a suborder of toothed whales, cetaceans, and the dolphin family (Latin Delphinidae). The elegant body of the dolphin has a spindle-shaped streamlined shape, which allows these mammals to rapidly cut through the water surface. The speed of the Dolphin SVG reaches 50 km/h.

People and dolphins.

People have known about the extraordinary intelligence of dolphins for a long time. These charming animals rescue people from ships in distress, preventing them from drowning. You could even say that dolphins are the smartest animals on the planet. Many trainers believe that the intelligence of dolphins can be equated with the human, so reasonable and unusual behavior of these animals.

There is a joke about dolphins, telling that if people hadn’t overtaken the dolphins and hadn’t come down from the tree before, they would have come out of the water and now they are the kings of nature, replacing us. Dolphin SVG is smart, kind, handsome, he learns perfectly, analyzes, remembers.

Dolphins are directly related to the formidable inhabitants of the oceans, killers and whales. There are about 50 species of dolphins. These include the harbour porpoise, black dolphin, grey dolphin, white-fronted dolphin, Atlantic white-sided dolphin. The most popular dolphin is the dolphin aphaline (the big dolphin), which people mainly mean when talking about meetings with representatives of this species. They’re well studied and tamed. Afaline is shot in movies, they participate in rehabilitation programs for children suffering from various neurological diseases.

Dolphin SVG description

A dolphin is not a fish but a mammal. Common to all species is an elongated streamlined torso, which is crowned by a small dolphin head with a beak-like mouth. On each jaw there are 80-100 small conical teeth. The dolphin’s teeth are slightly inclined inwards. The transition between the muzzle and the frontal part of the face is well pronounced. Almost all members of the dolphin class have a protruding dorsal fin. The skin is elastic and smooth to the touch. The length of the dolphin can reach 4.5 meters, depending on the species.

Dolphins SVG in the water move very easily, they feel almost no resistance due to special fatty secretions on the skin, making it easier to glide. Interestingly, the friction of water quickly erases the skin of the dolphin. Therefore, in the deep skin layers they have a significant stock of regenerating cells. Dolphin constantly molds, changing up to 25 layers of skin in a day!