Free Dog SVG Files

Dog SVG is an animal that has been tamed and domesticated by humans since ancient times. The first archeological findings of the skeletons of this animal near the human habitation, found on the Eurasian continent, belong to the era of the Mesolithic. Most likely, the Dog SVG was the first pet to help an ancient man on the hunt.

When drawing up the classification of animals Carl Linnaeus singled out the dog in a separate species – the ordinary dog. According to the modern classification adopted in 1993, the dog is a representative of the species Wolf, a subspecies of the dog. She, like the wolf, is a representative:

mammal class;


dog families;

genus of wolves;

species of wolf;

Dog subspecies.

Dog SVG – description.

Ancestors of dogs are ancient wolves and other representatives of dogs, possibly jackals. They gave her a strong enough muscular body covered in wool. The shape and size of a dog’s head is a defining feature of the exterior, by which a dog can be attributed to one breed or another. A dog’s head conditionally consists of a cranial part and a muzzle.

A dog’s body has a head, neck, withers, chest, back, groats, sacrum, tail and four limbs – front and back. The paws of the dog are equipped with claws, which are not put in the pads when walking. The dog has a well-developed musculature, which allows the animal to make various movements, including moving not only in steps, but also to run at a decent speed or make fairly high jumps.

The dog’s teeth

The dog’s tooth system consists of 42 teeth, including incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Dog teeth are located on both the upper and lower jaws. The fangs of this animal are large and well developed. The fangs of the upper and lower jaws form a castle when they come into contact with each other.

Change of milk teeth in dogs.

At the puppy’s age, from about the 4th month of life, dogs start to change their milk teeth, which usually ends by 7-9 months. Dental health sometimes helps to determine the age of your dog when you don’t have an exact date of birth.

Dog SVG hair.

Your dog’s body is covered in wool, which is usually made up of spun, coated hair and down undercoat. The length and density of the coat depends on the breed and the conditions in which it is kept. Dog hair can vary in colour, from natural grey-red to white, red, black and spotted. There are dog breeds without woollen cover, either partially or completely.

Dog nutrition.

The dog possesses colour vision, sharp sense of smell, hearing, touch. It distinguishes perfectly between the taste of food, so it will be glad to have various delicacies. A dog’s diet, as a typical representative of predatory animals, must include animal protein products, as well as be balanced in terms of vitamins and minerals. There is currently a wide range of ready-made dog food available.

How many dog breeds are there?

There are currently about four hundred breeds recognized by canine organizations around the world. As a rule, they are all divided into ten breeds. Dogs differ in their ability to learn, which allows them to be used as guarded, wanted, hunting, rescue, guide and just animal companions.

Dog SVG care.

There are breeds that can be kept only in the conditions of the room, there are – aviary content. Animal care is absolutely simple and consists of feeding, wool care, timely veterinary activities and vaccination. Puppies also need to have the right behavior by getting their puppies used to walking.