Free Devils SVG Files

The Devil SVG is a religious and mythological character, the supreme spirit of evil, the ruler of Hell, an instigator of people to commit sin. Also known as Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Woland, and Iblis in Islam. The younger devil is called the devil in the Slavic tradition and is subject to devils, in English and German the devils are synonymous with the devil, in Islam the younger devils are called the shaitans.

Faith in the devil is not just a matter of history. The question of the existence of the devil has become a subject of discussion, which has been and is being conducted by theologians. This question was also raised during public speeches of the church leaders, who, as a rule, defend the doctrine of the real existence of the devil as a personal being, which has a huge impact on everything that happens in the world. The reference to the devil, Satan, the “unclean power” as the culprits of all the world’s disasters was used to protect the real perpetrators of disasters. Therefore, it is necessary to tell how the faith in the devil arose, what place it occupies in the system of some religious teachings. Faith in the existence of evil supernatural beings (devils, demons) as ancient as the belief in the existence of good gods.

Early forms of religion are characterized by the idea of the existence in nature of many invisible supernatural beings – spirits, good and evil, useful and harmful to man. It was believed that their well-being depends on them: health and disease, good luck and bad luck.

Faith in the spirits and their influence on people’s lives is still the most important element of some religions. Faith in the good and evil spirits, typical for primitive religions, in the evolution of religious beliefs has taken the character of faith in the gods and demons, and in some religions, such as Zoroastrianism – the ideas of the struggle of evil and good began in nature and society. A good beginning is represented by the creator of heaven, earth, man, he is opposed, the god of evil beginning and his assistants. Between them there is a constant struggle, which in the future should end with the death of the world and the defeat of the evil god. This system has had a huge impact on Christianity and Judaism. In the process of changes that took place for thousands of years in human society, religious beliefs were changing, the system of ideas and ideas of modern religions was formed. Modern religions often include in the changed kind and much from primitive beliefs, in particular belief in good and evil spirits.