Free Detroit SVG Files

Detroit SVG is a controversial city, but that’s why it has some mystical attraction. Its triumph came in the middle of the 20th century, when giant automobile corporations and enterprises of the U.S. military industrial complex placed production here. At that time, Detroit was one of the richest cities in America, but as a result of the oil and energy crises, everything collapsed. For decades, he plunged into depression – people were leaving because of unemployment, emptying entire residential areas, growing crime. The bad reputation of the former automobile capital spread far beyond the country’s borders.

Today, Detroit SVG is a resurgent ghost town, a visual guide to the success and collapse of capitalism in a given district. Madly interesting, even dangerous, it is considered to be one of the most remarkable places of the Midwest of the USA. Here they seek for supernatural shots of abandoned skyscrapers, “movie” architecture of America in the 1950s, an atmosphere of long-standing despair and foggy hope.