Free Designer SVG Files

A Designer SVG is a creator of the world around him. He strives to cover all spheres of life of modern man, and he is interested not only in the appearance (shell) of objects, but also in their inner essence and functional relationship.

Design – a project, a plan, a drawing – a term denoting a type of artistic and design activity, covering the creation of a subject environment (machines, things, interiors) and based on the principles of combining convenience, efficiency and beauty.

In the pure form of a profession of the Designer SVG – “universal” as such does not exist. Even if you manage to find a course or university specialty, where they will teach everything and at once, in any case, for their further professional activities, you will choose one, maximum two specializations.

There are about 10 areas of design and the same number of specializations in each of them. We will consider the most popular directions of modern design.

Industrial design is divided into the design of tools, appliances, furniture, transport design and even the design of mechanisms.

Environmental design includes artistic solutions for visual design of buildings, interiors, design of light and other objects related to the appearance of the environment.

Process design is divided into tangible and intangible designs. For example, “descriptive design” (intangible) requires business plans and concepts, media whales, presentations.

This type of design is widely used in practice not only by designers themselves, but also by marketers and pr-managers of advertising agencies.

The “material” side of process design is, in fact, the design of the idea described above. The main areas of work of a process designer are design of ceremonies, programs and corporate styles.

Graphic design is a wide field of work not only for designers themselves, but also for artists and designers, who once relied on the study of the latest technologies, and not on the centuries-old experience of world art culture. Today, they are on horseback, which can be judged by the level of salaries and the development of the sphere of graphic design, which includes printing, web design, TM design (trademarks and signs) and other types of visual design using computer graphics.

Design (stood out from graphic design in a separate direction).

The most promising areas of “three-dimensional” computer design, in which you can already work and earn – is 3D-animation, 3D-presentations and interior design (layouts).

Many experts consider this area the most perspective as it is closely connected with sphere of multi-media which develops seven-mile steps.

Not far off “conveyor” on manufacture of 4D – and 5D-products.

Landscape design includes the work of a specialist both on the computer and directly on the ground. The main areas of activity, where the knowledge of landscape designers is in demand and changing, are the creation of artificial and living, as well as reconstruction of destroyed landscapes, decorative dendrology, landscaping of the environment and living spaces, floristics.

Architectural design has more to do with the work of an architectural engineer than with the work of a designer. The qualification of an architect requires more knowledge than is given at training on a speciality “Architectural design”. Therefore, when choosing a profession of architectural Designer SVG, it is worthwhile to assess your skills as an engineer. If you are not sure of yourself, you will have to take advanced training courses or study again, but already on the architect.