Free Design SVG Files

Design SVG – activity on designing aesthetic properties of industrial products (“artistic design”), as well as the result of this activity (for example, in such phrases as “car design”).

It is believed that, in a broader sense, design is called upon not only to artistic design, but also to participate in the solution of broader social and technical problems of production, consumption, existence of people in the subject environment, by rational construction of its visual and functional properties.

The theoretical basis of Design SVG is technical aesthetics.

The term “industrial design” was approved by the first General Assembly of ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, International Council of Industrial Design Organizations) in 1959; the term “design” is a professional abbreviation of the term “industrial design”.

The designer is a designer, an artist and a person engaged in artistic and technical activities in various industries (including architect, designer, illustrator, poster and other advertising graphics designer, web designer).

By the word “design” English literature of the beginning of the XXI century understands style, project, and “design” itself – professional activity, along with architecture or engineering design.