Free Delaware SVG Files

Delaware is a U.S. state, one of the Mid-Atlantic states. It is located in the north-eastern part of the Delmarwa Peninsula. It borders on the state of Maryland in the west, Pennsylvania in the north and New Jersey in the north-east.

It was the inhabitants of this one of the smallest states of the country who in their time, protesting against British rule, first stood at the origins of the Union, and then were the first to adopt the Constitution. Thus Delaware SVG became the first state of the Union forever in the minds of every American.

Delaware SVG, also known as “First” or “Diamond State,” lies on the eastern part of the peninsula of the same name at the mouth of the same river on the Atlantic coast of the United States. This quiet flat state attracts tourists all year round with its mild climate and rich historical sights, tidy and friendly small towns, cozy villages, long sunny beaches on the ocean coast. Here you can be alone with your family or travel around the state by car – in any case, guaranteed an unforgettable vacation.