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The horned Deer SVG has taken a strong place, both in human mythology, and various household jokes, in fact the comparison of the man to whom the wife changes with a deer, more precisely his horns is considered to be universal. This is obviously due to the fact that when in the old days men went hunting (including deer), their wives met at this time with lovers, and hence the expression “put horns. On the other hand, deer is considered a sacred animal in Indian tribes. “If you meet a sacred deer in the forest, you will be happy and lucky,” says many Indian legends. And, of course, killing a deer was a very serious crime for the American Indians, which, unfortunately, is not the case with white people.

Deer SVG: description, structure, characteristics. How does a deer look like?

Reindeer are chord, hoofed mammals, the deer (reindeer) family. Our name of this animal “deer” comes from the ancient Slavic “elk”, as our ancestors called this slender animal.

The size of the deer differs depending on its species, for example, the height of the big reindeer is from 0.8 to 1.5 meters, the body length is 2 meters and the weight is 200 kg. While a small crested deer is only 1 meter long and weighs no more than 50 kg.

The most slender body has a noble deer, it has a proportional addition, a long neck, a slightly elongated head.

The eyes of the deer are yellow-brown, and there are deep lacrimal furrows next to them.

Some reindeer boast thin, graceful legs, while others have short legs, but all reindeer without exception have excellent leg musculature, which serves as a means of survival. It is not without reason that it is among the twenty fastest animals in the world, the speed of the deer running away from predators, can reach up to 55 km per hour.

Deer teeth are bright indicators of its age, the degree of wear and tear (grinding fangs and incisors) a good zoologist can easily determine how old it is.

The skin of the deer is covered with wool, which can be either thin in summer or densely warming in winter. The color of deer wool is usually brown, brown, gray or red.

Deer SVG horns

The branched antlers of deer, perhaps, deserve a separate mention, because it is the most noticeable decoration of this animal, which have all kinds of deer (except for hornless deer) and only males. Females do not have horns, but again, except for the reindeer, which have horns, both males and females (however, females of reindeer have smaller horns than males).

An interesting fact: many deer species drop their old horns about once a year, and in their place immediately begin to grow new ones. Deer antlers consist of cartilage and then grow into bone tissue, the rate of their growth depends largely on the diet of the deer, the more saturated it is, the faster it grows horns.

Reindeer living in tropical and equatorial latitudes rarely (about once every few years) or do not lose their horns at all.

Deer antlers serve, including for protection, as well as attacks. You may ask why someone would want to attack a peaceful herbivorous deer. In fact, males of deer often arrange a showdown with each other because of the female, in which actively blowing horns, the female gets the winner with the strongest horns. Reindeer also use horns to dig up snow to reach the reindeer, the lichen that serves their favorite food.