Free Dance SVG Files

Dance SVG – rhythmic, expressive body movements, usually lined up in a certain composition and performed with musical accompaniment. Dance SVG is perhaps the oldest of the arts: it reflects a person’s need, dating back to the earliest times, to pass on his or her joy or sorrow to others through his or her body. Almost all important events in the life of a primitive man were marked by dances: birth, death, war, election of a new leader, healing of the sick. The dances expressed prayers for rain, sunshine, fertility, protection and forgiveness. Dance pas (French pas – “step”) originates from the main forms of human movements – walking, running, jumping, bouncing, jumps, jumps, slips, turns and swings. Combinations of such movements gradually turned into a pair of traditional dances. The main characteristics of dance are the rhythm – relatively fast or relatively slow repetition and variation of the main movements; drawing – a combination of movements in the composition; dynamics – variation in the scope and intensity of the movements; technique – the degree of body knowledge and skill in performing the main pas and positions. In many dances, gesticulation is also of great importance, especially hand movements. Dance has different means of expression:

  • Harmonic movements and poses,
  • Plastic and facial expressions,
  • Dynamics – “variation in range and intensity of motion”,
  • The pace and rhythm of the movement,
  • Spatial drawing, composition.
  • Costume and props.

Of great importance is the technique of “the degree of body knowledge and skill in performing basic pairs and positions”.

Tempo is the simplest form of dance movement, various dance combinations form a pa. Dance is measured by the same duration as music and is subject to the laws of a particular musical system.

In dance movements are defined in advance, unlike dance, which is improvised.