Free Cyclones SVG Files

Some time ago, before the appearance of meteorological satellites, scientists could not have imagined that in the atmosphere of the Earth is formed annually about one hundred and fifty cyclones SVG and sixty anticyclones SVG. Previously, many cyclones were unknown, as they occurred in places where there were no meteorological stations that could detect their occurrence. 

Atmospheric vortexes 

In the troposphere, the lowest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, whirlwinds continually appear, develop and disappear. Some of them are so small and invisible that they pass our attention, others are so large and have such an impact on the Earth’s climate that it is impossible not to take them into account (first of all, this applies to cyclones and anticyclones). Cyclones are low-pressure areas of the Earth’s atmosphere, the center of which is much lower than at the periphery. The anticyclone, on the other hand, is a high pressure area that reaches its highest values at the center. Staying above the northern hemisphere, cyclones move counterclockwise and, obeying the power of Coriolis, try to leave to the right. While the anticyclone moves clockwise in the atmosphere and leans to the left (in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth everything is the opposite).

Despite the fact that cyclones and anticyclones are absolutely opposite in their essence vortices, they are strongly interconnected with each other: when in one region of the Earth the pressure decreases, in another one its increase is necessarily fixed. Also, for cyclones and anticyclones, there is a common mechanism that forces air currents to move: heterogeneous heating of different parts of the surface and the rotation of our planet around its axis. 

Cyclones are characterized by cloudy, rainy weather with strong wind gusts caused by the difference in atmospheric pressure between the center of the cyclone and its edges. The anticyclone, on the other hand, is characterized by hot, windless, low clouds with very little rainfall in summertime, while in winter it provides clear but very cold weather.