Free Currant SVG Files

Currant SVG is a genus of flowering plants of dicotyledon class, the order is stone-fragmented, gooseberry family.

The origin of the modern name “currant” has a couple of contradictory versions. According to one of them, the name of the shrub comes from the Old Russian word “currant”, meaning “stench, bad smell”. According to another version, currant got its “name” from the word “currant” – means to publish a pleasant, strong aroma.

Currant SVG – description

The height of Currant SVG, depending on the species, is 1-5 meters. The root system of the shrub is powerful, some species go 1.5 meters deep into the soil. Shoots of the plant are straight, elongated, red, brown or grey, in young age slightly pubescent.

Currant SVG leaves are regular, consisting of 3-5 blades, serrated, elongated or rounded. The color of currant leaves depends on the type of plant and can be dark green, bright or dull, with the top of the leaf in most species being darker than the bottom. Leaves may be smooth or pubescent, most currants have hairiness on the underside of the leaf or along the veins.

Decorative Currant SVG species are distinguished by an unusual coloring of the leaf: from carmina-red to orange and scarlet, changing during the season. Most currant species are deciduous shrubs, but evergreen forms can be found in tropical areas.

Currant SVG inflorescence is a drooping or upright brush with smooth or fluffy pedicels. Most species are single-house plants, but there are dicotyledonous species with women’s and men’s flowers collected in separate brushes.

Currant flowers up to 1 cm long can be white, yellow, yellow-green, pink, red or purple. One flower brush can contain from 5 to several dozen flowers. Currant flowering depends on the area of flowering, begins in April-May and can continue until the end of June.

Currant fruit is a berry that is round or oval-long. Currant berries have a sweet-sour, sour, sweet taste or can be fresh, completely tasteless. The color of berries can be black, red, white, yellowish, ink, glossy, matte or waxy.