Free Cupcake SVG Files

Among the many recipes for making cupcakes is one basic, or rather classic. It is very suitable for beginner cooks who are not yet experienced in the nuances of complex baking. The recipe is elementary simple in execution and turns out at all absolutely, who would not undertake this business. It is also important that the Cupcake SVG is simply wonderful: airy, very soft and delicious. And even cooks with years of experience do not squeal periodically please themselves and their families with such a wonderful home baking. Products for its preparation are the simplest and are always in any home.

Step 1:

To make a classic Cupcake SVG you need to take: eggs, sugar, butter, butter, flour, milk, cocoa powder, baking soda, vanilla sugar.

Step 2:

Break the eggs into a bowl where you will knead the cake dough.

Step 3:

Beat the eggs with a mixer.

Step 4:

In the whipped eggs, gradually add sugar and whip into a thick mass of minutes 5-7.

Step 5:

In whipped eggs with sugar we put melted butter.

Step 6:

Add vanilla sugar and baking soda extinguished with lemon juice or vinegar to the mixture. You will need one teaspoon of soda without a slide.

Step 7:

In a mixture of eggs, sugar and butter and soda, gradually pour out the flour. For reference, if you don’t have a scale: one thin glass of exactly 130 grams of flour.

Step 8:

Gently mix the eggs, butter, soda and flour whipped with sugar.

Step 9:

Pour milk into the dough.

Step 10:

Mix the dough with the milk. The consistency of the dough ready for baking should be such that it flows down with a spoon of “ribbon”.

Step 11:

Put the third part of the dough in a separate dish and add the cocoa powder.

Step 12:

Add two tablespoons of milk. Mix the dough with cocoa powder and milk.

Step 13:

Put white dough in the baking tray first.

Step 14:

The top is dark. Put in the oven, heated up to 175-180 degrees C.

Step 15:

We bake 40-45 minutes. Ready to check the readiness of a match or wooden skewer. When piercing a Cupcake SVG, they must be dry.

Step 16:

Cake is cooled, removed from the mold and cut into portions. From the specified amount of ingredients we make one small cake for a family of 2-3 people. If you need more, double the amount of ingredients.

Step 17:

The fragrant, lush, airy and delicious classic cupcake is ready. Serve it with milk, tea and coffee. Enjoy your meal!