Free Cruise SVG Files

Cruise SVG is originally a sea voyage. Nowadays, the concept has expanded and travel agencies have started to offer sea cruises, river cruises and cruises on trains.

Currently, regular ferries are also used for cruises. In addition to passengers, they also carry goods and vehicles. For example, Silja Line has 12-deck ferries on the Baltic Sea with a casino and a nightclub on board; they are designed for up to 3000 passengers.

On the other hand, cruising is also possible on a small ship – for example, cruising on cruise sailing yachts or catamarans with a capacity of 4 to 12 people has become increasingly popular in recent decades. Cruise SVG yachts are fully equipped with everything necessary for life (beds, fridge, stove, toilet, shower, etc.) The duration of such a trip is from one week, the crew, as a rule, consists of one or two people (and in the presence of sufficient qualification to operate the yacht can cruise participants themselves). The most popular destinations for sailing cruises are the Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, Baltic Sea.

Nowadays cruises on big liners, which represent whole cities, are popular. On an average liner you can find a library, a cinema, huge banquet halls, restaurants for all tastes, gyms, a wall for climbing and even a central park with real trees. A typical modern liner consists of approximately 12 passenger decks. All liners are equipped with rocking stabilizers.

In the warm season (April to October) the most popular destination is the Mediterranean Sea. In autumn, as a rule, the liners go on transatlantic cruises lasting from ten days and continue their voyage to the islands of the Caribbean, Brazil, etc. Cruises in Asia are also very popular in winter. In spring, most of the liners return to Europe.