Free Crown SVG Files

The Crown SVG (from Latin corona – a wreath, a crown) is a headdress, which is a symbol of monarchical power.

Crown SVG Manufacturing

The crowns were made of different precious metals (more often gold or silver) and decorated with precious and semi-precious stones.

Crown SVG Shape

They can have different shapes: hats, crowns, hoops, crowned with leaves, teeth or plates.

Crown SVG History

The appearance refers to the states of the ancient world (Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Sumer), in addition, in Rome, this attribute of power already to the I. BC. e. was transformed into a nickname. They were very common in the states of Europe during the period of developed feudalism (since XI century). In Russia, as the crown of the Grand Duke, later the Tsar used the cap of Monomakh, with the emperors – the Great Imperial Crown. Nowadays, as a rule, monarchs wear crowns only on especially solemn occasions.