Free Crow SVG Files

Crows SVG (Latin Corvus) are a genus of widely spread birds of the Crow SVG family, the suborder of Singing Passerines, and the Sparrow-like group. It includes such famous birds as thieves, crows, pebbles and rooks and makes up 1/3 of all species of the family.

Crow SVG descriptions

The genus includes the largest birds of the Sparrow-like group. Males are slightly larger than females. The size of the crow’s body, excluding the tail, varies from 33 to 70 cm, tail length up to 19.4 cm, weight from 150 g to 1.6 kg (up to 2 kg according to some estimates), beak up to 6.7 cm, wingspan up to 1.5 m. The smallest representative of the genus is the Daurian pebble (Latin Coloeus dauuricus) with a body length of up to 32 cm, the largest is the common Crow (Latin Corvus corax) with a length of 60-70 cm, weighing from 0.8 to 1.6 kg (or even 2 kg).

Crow SVG head is large, with a massive, sharp, straight or somewhat bent beak of conical shape, often with a convex ridge of the inclusions, with nostrils covered with bristle-shaped feathers.

Most members of the genus have black beaks, while adult rooks have a white base.

Crow SVG eyes are large, with an almost circular incision. They are located on the head in such a way that they allow a circular view.

Birds’ eyesight is magnificent, a hundred meters away for them – a well visible distance. The cornea is protected by the third century, which, when flashing, tightens the eye in the form of a white film.

Crow SVG are characterized by a dense body and large, strong legs covered with feathers. Plus, the top is protected by a solid plate or large, well-detachable shields. On the paws of birds there are 4 fingers with sharp claws, 3 of which are facing forward, 1 – back.

Tail is straight or stepped, medium length, with a truncated or rounded edge.

Wings of birds are long or short, but always wide with a pointed apex. In the air, the feathers of the wings open with a fan.

Crow SVG flight is leisurely, waving, with rare wing rises and falls or soaring. The maximum speed of crows is 50 km/h.

There are completely black crows or with a small number of grey and white feathers, with blue, greenish or violet metallic tint. There are contrasting coloured species in which some feathers are white and some are black. The feathers of the goiter are lanceolate, always raised (ruffled).

There are no sexual differences in the color of Crows, but young birds are more dullly tinted. Crows moult once a year in early autumn. Their feathers do not change chaotically, but in a certain order. During the moulting period, birds eat more animal food, as it contains complete proteins necessary for the proper formation of cover.

Albino Crow SVG did not in vain cause the appearance of “white crow” phraseology. As well as different people in society, they are not tolerated in the pack, and peck and kicked out of it.

Except for the nesting period, crows live in packs. They constantly communicate with members of their group and react to the voices of other birds. Crows perceive and are able to reproduce the finest sounds. Therefore, they can easily be taught to imitate human speech. There are slight, but significant differences in crow’s speech, it seems to us that the crow simply caws, but their intonation differs from population to population as languages of different peoples.