Free Cross SVG Files

The Cross SVG in Christianity is traditionally a religious symbol of Christianity and an object of religious reverence in a number of Christian denominations. Christian theology sees it as a symbol of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The emergence of the cult of the Cross SVG in Christianity is associated with the martyrdom of Jesus Christ, which he accepted on the cross at the sentence of Pontius Pilate. The crucifixion on a cross was the widespread way of execution in the Ancient Rome, borrowed from Carthaginians – descendants of Phoenician colonists (it is considered that for the first time the crucifixion was used in Phoenicians). Usually the thieves were sentenced to death on the cross; many early Christians who had been persecuted since the time of Emperor Nero were also executed in this way. In particular, as reported by tradition, Apostle Peter wished to be crucified head down, considering himself unworthy of accepting the same death as Jesus.

Until the IV century and the reign of Constantine the Great Christians rarely used the images of the Cross SVG.