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Yield – gross harvest of Crop SVG production resulting from the cultivation of a particular crop from the entire area of its sowing (planting) in the farm, region or country. For most crops it is customary to measure yield in tons.

Crop SVG Harvesting

Harvesting – a set of works at the final stage of production in agriculture, which includes

Harvesting itself (mowing of cereals and herbs, digging of root and tuber crops, flax logging, harvesting of fruits and berries, etc.);

Delivery of the harvest to the place of post-harvest processing;

post-harvest processing, including cleaning, drying, sorting and other operations;

transportation of finished products to warehouses for storage and/or sale;

Storage bookmark.

Crop SVG Yield

The economic concept of yield is related to the crop yield, which is defined as the amount of crop production received from an area unit. Yield for open soil crops is calculated in centners per hectare (c/ha), and in greenhouse production – in kg per 1 m². Several yield indicators are used in planning, accounting and economic analysis:

Potential yield – the maximum amount of products that can be obtained from 1 hectare with the full realization of the productive potential of the crop or variety. Potential yields are calculated for ideal and normal conditions by agricultural research and development institutions. The indicator of potential yield is used to determine the rational structure of agricultural industries, a set of varieties and crops in the farm, region or zone;

Planned yield – the amount of production that can be obtained from 1 hectare under specific economic conditions. Planned yield is determined before sowing taking into account the potential potential of the variety, achieved level of yield, soil fertility, provision of the farm with machinery, mineral fertilizers, etc;

expected yield (types of harvest) – expected collection of products, determined in some periods of growth and development of agricultural crops by the density of the stem and the general condition of plants. It is measured in centners from 1 ha or estimated: high, medium, low, at the level of last year, etc. The indicator of expected yield is used for planning of agrotechnical measures;

Root yields (biological yields) – the amount of grown products, established on a selective basis – either by eye assessment method, or by sampling method (before harvesting, or by calculation-balance method (after harvesting) according to the data on actual threshing and losses in the process of harvesting. The biological yield indicator is used in the economic analysis to find reserves to reduce yield losses during harvesting;

Actual yield – yield determined by the recorded or net (after processing) weight of grown products per 1 ha of sowing, spring productive or actually harvested area.