Free Crawfish SVG Files

River Crawfish SVG are one of the crustaceans that live in rivers and other freshwater bodies. The structure of the crawfish body is similar to that of other crustaceans: it begins with the head, which flows into the chest. The head of the crawfish has a sharp shape, with moving eyes, long antennae and an oral cavity with additional processes. After the chest, the abdomen begins, which consists of seven segments. Crawfish has six pairs of legs, as well as a pair of pincers, which are used for food extraction and self-defense.

As for the colouring of river crawfish, they can have several types of colouring: dark green, brownish-green or dark brown. The colour of the crawfish depends on the habitat and the composition of the water.

Females and males vary considerably in size: females are often larger than males. Crayfish inhabit preferably in freshwater reservoirs at a depth of up to ten meters. At night, the crayfish start hunting and get food for themselves, which they drag to their homes. Crawfish’s dwelling can be either in the burrows he digs himself, or under rocks or in algae, where he hides in the daytime.

Crayfish were consumed many years ago, as their meat was incredibly valued by people for its useful properties.

Among river crayfish, the three most common species are most often identified:



wide toe.

The main difference between these crawfish is the size of their claws. Thick-footed crayfish have wide and massive claws, while narrow-finged crayfish have more elongated and graceful claws. Otherwise, these crawfish are completely identical.

River crayfish are fed by all kinds of river microorganisms, and they also like meat. There are cases when crawfish has eaten its dead or weaker relative. Very young crayfish eat only plants, while adults eat meat.