Free Cowboys SVG Files

A Cowboy SVG is a name used in the Wild West of the USA in relation to cattle shepherds. The era of cowboys began in 1865, when it was necessary to hijack giant wild herds of bulls, mainly in Texas. This era ended about twenty years later.

After the 1930s, a nostalgic, glorifying look at cowboys became fashionable in America. It was reflected in country music, comics, advertising, clothing, and film. Cowboy SVG hat, boots, vest, checkered shirt with double coccycled buttons (western yokes), lasso, revolver are considered indispensable attributes of the cowboy.

The image of a cowboy, a courageous and eternally drunk “tough guy”, a freedom-loving conqueror of the Wild West, an instigator of scuffles, on any occasion grabbing at the right colt and without extra words ending the debate with shooting, has formed in our consciousness thanks to numerous westerns.

Cowboys led a difficult nomadic life. After all, the distillation of cattle, which sometimes lasts more than a year, on dusty, exhausting roads – it is not easy. Because the songs of cowboys are not so cheerful and optimistic, as you can judge from the movies, and they often tell about the half-starved riders, whose entire income is $ 25 a month.

The clothes of many cowboys – sombrero and camisole – resembled the garments of Spanish colonists. Those who couldn’t afford such a “outfit” wore “Texas” (pants made of buffalo skins). It was only much later that jeans, cowboys, and other items of clothing appeared, in which heroes of popular westerners flaunted.