Free Cotton Candy SVG Files

Sweet Cotton Candy SVG, is a culinary product with a sweetness that resembles cotton candy (hence the name). Prepared from melted sugar, poured through a sieve on a fast rotating cold metal drum or cone. In the process of preparation, thin threads are formed, which are collected in a lump. If the sugar syrup is dyed with food dyes, the sweet “cotton candy” acquires color.

Cotton Candy SVG Historical information

In 1897, dentist William Morrison and John Warton invented the cotton candy machine. Since then, it has been available for a wider range of gourmets and is constantly sold in large quantities.

Consumption and options

It is a frequent attribute of mass events (including especially children’s events), various festivals and attractions, where it is often produced right on the spot by special machines that wrap the threads on a stick in a loose large lump. Also in many places in the world is manufactured in lightweight packages of small size.

In Western countries (especially in the USA), candy wrapped in thicker cotton candy wrappers is also produced. In the Middle East, Turkish writing and Iranian pashmaq, which are close to dense cotton candy, are also produced. Tatar cuisine is denser than cotton candy, and more loose than Turkish writing, the original sweetness of talcum powder (sweet sawdust in the form of a small inverted cup-stack). Even more dense than the Iranian and Turkish light halvah is the Indian sweetness of Soan-Papdi. Very close to cotton candy is the Chinese sweetness of the dragon bird and the Korean sweetness of the honey ball (kkul-taraye).