Free Cooking SVG Files

Cooking SVG (lat. culīnāria “kitchen craft”; from culīna “kitchen”) is a human activity of cooking for food. Includes a set of technologies, equipment and recipes. Cooking is a set of methods of preparation of a wide range of food necessary for human life and health from minerals and products of plant and animal origin.

Compliance with certain rules in cooking is called technology. The methods of cooking and the ingredients themselves vary widely from country to country, from nation to nation, from social group to social group, are called cuisine and reflect the unique interrelationships of culture, economy and tradition. Cooking itself is highly dependent on both the skill and education of the cook. In order to cook tasty and healthy food, it is necessary to acquire certain knowledge of technology and skills in the art of cooking.

Also, Cooking SVG is a shop (or a special department at a restaurant, dining room, cafe, shop) that sells semi-finished products and ready meals.