Free Congratulations SVG Files

Congratulations SVG are an expressive speech act, polite expression of one’s own joy and sympathy for the addressee of the event (“Happy Birthday!”). The purpose of congratulations is to evoke a positive emotional response from the addressee in order to maintain the necessary tonality in the relationship. Like other typical acts, congratulations are connected with generally accepted norms of behavior and have stable ways of expression. A successful greeting differs from a compliment in that it describes a real state of affairs or an event favorable to the recipient and sincerity (when social norms assess the event as positive for both the recipient and the speaker).

The reason for Congratulations SVG is usually used:

Milestone in life: birthday (especially the coming of age or round” date), family celebration (e.g. engagement);

an outstanding success of the addressee (e.g. a sports victory);

Luck is a good thing that did not require any effort on the part of the addressee.

Congratulations SVG

Congratulations are usually accompanied by a close speech act, a wish. In contrast to congratulations declaring the coming of a holiday and joint joy, the wish describes the present or the future (for example, the wish of love and good luck) and expresses benevolence. The wish usually follows the congratulations, for example “Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! I wish you a happy family life!