Free Colorado Springs SVG Files

Colorado Springs SVG is a city in the central U.S., in the state of Colorado, the administrative center of El Paso County. Located in the eastern part of the state, 98 km south of the capital of Denver on the eastern spurs of the Rocky Mountains.

Founded in August 1871 by General Jackson Palmer.

The population is 369.8 thousand people. (2005), with suburbs of 572.24 thousand people. Colorado Springs has an extremely important military significance: the city has two air bases, a large military unit, as well as the North American Air and Space Defense Command (NORAD).

Colorado Springs SVG Historical excursion

Originally the settlement where Colorado Springs is now located was called Fountain Colony, but was renamed after the discovery of mineral springs in the area. A large number of British settlers settled in the city, which is why it was renamed “Little London”. Thanks to the gold mine called Crypel Creek, as well as the development of sanatorium recreation, the city gradually grew. In 1917, Colorado Springs was united into one city with the neighboring Colorado City.

Nowadays, the city is considered to be a center of winter sports. It is in Colorado Springs that the residences of the US National Olympic Committee and the National Ski Association are located.