Free Cocktail SVG Files

Cocktail SVG is a beverage obtained by mixing several components. Cocktails are alcoholic (as one or more ingredients containing alcoholic beverages) and non-alcoholic.

Parties where cocktails are drunk are called “cocktails. Such parties are common in diplomatic and elitist environments and are described in fiction.

Cocktail SVG Etymology

The etymology of the word is ambiguous, there are more than a dozen versions of possible origin. There are several widespread stories about the origin of the word in the spirit of national etymology.

The Oxford English Dictionary refers the origin of the word cocktail in the meaning of “mixed drink” to the U.S. and notes the first mention of the word in this meaning in 1803, but it is possible and non-U.S. origin of the word. Perhaps the origin of the French coquetier is the egg stand, which is associated with the sazerak cocktail invented around 1800 in New Orleans. Another version is the origin of the French coquetel, a mixed beverage that has long been popular in the vicinity of Bordeaux and which was allegedly brought to America by French officers during the revolution. The origin of the cock tail known since the XVII century on the basis of ale and cock broth, cock tailings – “remains under the cork” – is also considered. Among the versions offered to explain the options of cock tail and cock ale – making the first cocktails with a rooster pen, the connection of the cocktail with the rooster fights (either as the name of the drink, which was sown by roosters, or in connection with the alleged custom of drinking in honor of the rooster, who retained the largest number of feathers in the tail), and others.