Free Cockroach SVG Files

Cockroach SVG is an arthropod insect from the cockroach group, a cockroach group (lat. Blattoptera, Blattodea).

Cockroach SVG description, characteristic, structure

Cockroaches are distinguished by an oval-shaped flattened body, with a length of 1 to 10 cm or more. The elongated cockroach abdomen consists of 8-10 tergites (dorsal sclerotized segments) and 7-9 sternites (abdominal sclerotized segments), 7 – in females, 8-9 – in males. At the end of the abdomen there are long, usually arthritic churches. Males have 1-2 slates on the last stubble. Usually cockroaches have a light body color with yellowish-brown elytra, less often dark or black.

Elytra Cockroach SVG dense, horny or leathery, with a pronounced vein. Rear wings are equipped with membranes and hide under the elytra when folded.

In some species, the front and rear wings are shortened, and there are also wingless cockroaches. Some cockroaches can fly, although they do not last long.

The cockroach has a total of 6 legs. Hips and shins are endowed with thorns. The legs of these insects with five-membered feet are well developed and adapted for running.

The speed of the cockroach is quite high: for example, an American cockroach covers a distance of 75 cm per second. In addition, it is almost impossible to catch a cockroach with bare hands, because a fast insect changes its direction about 25 times per second.

A flat Cockroach SVG head can be triangular or heart-shaped.

The pronotum is almost flat, shield-shaped, quite large, in many species with transparent edges.

Insect jaws are very strong, gnawing, with many chitin teeth.

The eyes of cockroaches are large, simple eyes 2, wingless cockroaches often atrophied, cave species are absent at all.

Sensitive moustaches of insects are rather long, sometimes exceeding body length, bristle-shaped, polynomial, covered with many microscopic bristles.