Free Clouds SVG Files

Clouds SVG are atmospheric condensation products of water vapour, visible in the sky with the naked eye both from the surface of the Earth and from outer space. In a broad sense, a cloud is a collection of individual particles in a certain volume.

Clouds SVG consist of the smallest droplets of water and/or ice crystals (called cloud elements). Droplet cloud elements are observed at cloud temperatures above -10 °C; -10 to -15 °C the clouds are mixed (droplets and crystals) and at cloud temperatures below -15 °C the crystalline elements are observed.

When cloud elements are enlarged as a result of condensation, their rate of fall increases. If the fall rate of cloud elements exceeds the rate of upward flow, they rush to the surface of the earth and can fall as precipitation if they do not evaporate along the way. As a rule, precipitation falls out of clouds, which are mixed in at least some layer (cumulonimbing rain, layered rain, high layered). Weak drizzling sediments (in the form of drizzle, snow grains or weak fine snow) can fall out of homogeneous clouds (droplet or crystalline) – layered, layered-flat.

Clouds SVG play a key role in the Earth’s radiation regime, simultaneously forming the albedian and greenhouse effects and smoothing daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations on the Earth.