Free Clipart SVG Files

Clipart SVG – a set of graphic design elements to create a complete graphic design. Clip-art can be both individual objects and images (photos) as a whole. Clip-art can be presented in any graphic format. For work in vector graphic editor – vector and raster – for work in raster. With the help of clip-art you can create wallpapers for your desktop, sites. They are also used in the design of advertising posters, etc. Collection of clip-art is a necessary tool in the work of any webmasters.

Clipart SVG Title

The name comes from the technology of preparing illustrations for wall newspapers and similar “self-made” editions in the pre-computer era – pictures were cut out of magazines and pasted into the wall newspaper. When in 1970th years there was a phototyping set, such technique from time to time applied and for it.

Clipart SVG History

The first client for IBM PC was released in 1983. In 1985, laser printers and Aldus PageMaker entered the market – from that point onwards, it was possible to produce printed quality documents on a PC (and thus demand for clipart libraries).

In 1986, Adobe Illustrator appeared, and as early as 1987, T/Maker released the first vector-based clipart library, which quickly became the industry standard. In 1995, the T/Maker library of 500,000 images was released.

Around the same time, Microsoft Word 6.0 included 82 images in WMF format. Today the Office includes about 140 thousand clipart pictures.

Now clip-libraries are sold mainly through the Internet. Usually the pictures have a license “for non-commercial use”. There is an Open Clip Art Library, all images of which are in the public domain.