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Cleveland SVG is Ohio’s second-largest city, and it’s almost the first of its kind. It stands on the shores of one of the Great Lakes, Erie, and the boundaries of the city are so blurred that it’s hard to tell how many people live in it. What can be said for sure is that this half-million-dollar city (at least) has something to do.

Cleveland SVG History

The exact date of foundation of Cleveland is 1796, and the name of the city was given to the founder – the general and fighter for independence Moses Cleveland. Later one letter disappeared from the name, but it did not affect the pronunciation. The Cleveland lake was developing rapidly: the laying of a railway line contributed to the growth of heavy industry and, consequently, the number of citizens – millionaires. In the first half of the 20th century, the city even ranked fifth in terms of population in the country. However, the Great Depression and the decline of the industry led to a crisis, after which both the economic well-being and the population of the city went into decline.

Cleveland SVG attractions

Cleveland SVG divides the river into two parts with the old Indian name Kayahoga. Accordingly, it is customary to divide the city into eastern and western parts. In addition, there is a second division on the sides of the world depending on whether the quarter is located close to the shore of the lake.

The historical centre of the city is Publik Square, which is close to the three main city skyscrapers. The same square is also home to the most attractive buildings from a tourist point of view: an ancient stone church and a military memorial to soldiers of the land and sea forces. The central quarter, the so-called Civic Center, is located to the north of Public Square, where the City Hall and other government offices are located. In addition, Civic Center is distinguished by abundance of greenery and extensive parkland. The popular Cleveland Mall urban park is so large that it is conditionally divided into three parts: A, B, C.

Going a little further north, the guests of the city get to the Northern Coastal District. The main attraction here, not counting the huge city stadium, is the museum and scientific center of the Great Lakes. Another interesting museum in the same area of the city is the huge beautiful steamer “William J. Mater” standing on the eternal prank in the harbor. Nearby is the USS Cod submarine, one of the World War II combat submarines.

Those who are not accustomed to correlate Cleveland’s name with art, will be surprised by the abundance of cultural institutions in the city on a global scale. For example, here in the Theatre Quarter is a huge theater complex “Playhouse Square Center”, the second largest in the country.

For fans of classical music in Cleveland, it will be interesting to get to the Severance Hall in the University District, where the famous city’s symphony orchestra is based. It was founded in 1918 and today is one of the “Great Five” symphony orchestras of the country (along with New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston).

Cleveland SVG seriously claims to be the homeland and the capital of rock ‘n’ roll, explaining that this is where the well-known radio station WMMS started broadcasting. And also by the fact that Alan Freed, a disc jockey, worked on it, who, in fact, invented the very phrase “rock’n’roll”.

Almost obligatory for visiting by any dilapidated music lover and the fan of an epoch of 50th years the Hall of glory of rock-n-roll is considered. It is both a museum and a concert hall, which occupies a futuristic view of the multi-storey building, created by the famous Chinese architect Yeo Minh Pei. The hall of fame was opened in the late 80’s, and then the members of the club was admitted to a breathtakingly brilliant galaxy of names: Elvis, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown. Since then, the club has been replenished with new names every year: one of the conditions for getting here is the following rule: from the moment the first single of the performer is released, at least a quarter of a century must pass. And now it does not even matter how close the style of a particular team or performer is to the true rock ‘n’ roll. Thus, in 2014, Nirvana was entered into the Hall of Fame.

Alas, Cleveland is not a safe city. Of course, he is far from the criminal capital of the United States, but the city is stable in the top ten in terms of crime rates. One of the reasons (or consequences?) can be called a clear division into “white” and “black” and confrontation between them. By the way, according to censuses, there are more black people in the city.