Free Christmas Tree SVG Files

The tradition of decorating Christmas Tree SVG came from Europe, more precisely from the land of Alsace. At the beginning of the XVII century, this evergreen tree was installed there almost everywhere by Christmas. El symbolized the Eden tree of life, access to which Adam and Eve lost after being expelled from Paradise. But with the Birth of Christ, people again had the chance to join eternity.

In the XVII century there was a custom to attach a Christmas Tree SVGupside down to the ceiling – as a symbol of the stairs from the sky, lowered to the ground at Christmas. The tree was hung with apples, gingerbread and other sweets as a remembrance of the sweetness of paradise.

In Germany, there is a legend associated with the founder of Protestantism, Martin Luther. Allegedly, he was walking through the woods on Christmas Eve and saw a star in the sky, which suddenly went down on the top of the aisle. In Protestant houses, the tradition of decorating Christmas trees has been preserved, even though Protestants do not recognize “excesses” that are not mentioned in the Bible.

When Peter I traveled to Europe at the end of the 17th century, he loved the way the Christmas tree was decorated. So much so that the king issued a decree: by January 1, 1700, to mark the arrival of the new century, all dress up Christmas trees. However, the custom in Russia did not take root at once, and until the middle of the XIX century the Christmas trees in Russia were mainly in the houses of the Germans.

However, from the middle of the 19th century, after the first public Christmas tree in St. Petersburg in 1852, the custom of decorating the Christmas tree becomes extremely common. So much so that Tchaikovsky writes the world’s most famous Christmas ballet – “The Nutcracker”, the action of which unfolds literally under the tree.

In the twentieth century, there were “persecutions” on the tree. For the first time – in 1916, during the First World War, as an alien from Germany. For the second time – in 1918, formally as a bourgeois relic. Although in fact it was clear that the Christmas tree is too obvious a Christian symbol. And for some time it practically disappeared from the life of Soviet people.

In 1935, during the famine and depression, the Soviet propaganda workers decided to return the “winter holiday” and the tree to the people in order to raise the “folk spirit”. Of course, this is no longer a Christmas tree, but just a New Year tree. Today, in many families, the Christmas Tree SVG has once again become a Christmas symbol. The five-pointed red star has been replaced by the Bethlehem Star again as before.